Zan is a 27 year old student who lives in southern Arizona where, in her opinion, it is far too hot. Weather is not meant to get up much above the 80's. Certainly not triple digits. Her interests range from writing fiction stories to fiddling around in Photoshop to trying not to burn herself with fire (although admittedly, she hasn't done this in a while). She's currently a student at her local university and vows that she will seek revenge on the financial aid office for all the trouble it's given her.


MarcusAgrippa "The commendable son of a nobody."

Marcus Agrippa
Agrippa Tag
Samwise Agrippa

Jenny "Generated anomaly."

Doctor Who
Jenny Tag
Jenny Mark Two

JustinWalker "Black Sheep."

Justin Walker
Brothers & Sisters
Justin Tag
Chivalrous Ass

Kon "The Clone."

DC Comics
Kon Tag
Lex Jr.

File:RodneyMcKay.png "The Genius."

Rodney McKay
Stargate Atlantis
Rodney Tag
Dr. R. McKay

Name, rank, serial numberEdit

Zan's easy to get in touch with for one very simple reason. She's almost always at her computer. If she isn't, there must be some apocalypse or another in the works. There are three major ways to get in touch with her. She's friendly. Promise. And won't bite. Hard.

AIM: misseviltwin
YIM: the_zandroid
E-mail: misszankitty[at]
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