Once you've been accepted at Dusty Trails, you should do the following things on the Wiki before you start playing:

Adding a New Character

First, create a new character page by entering your character's name, with appropriate capitalization, into the search box on the left of the screen. There should be no preexisting character information, so click on the red link that says 'create this page' as exampled below.

There is no page titled "Marcus Agrippa". You can create this page.

The basic information that should be on each page is canon, character, and journal.

The page also needs to have these three categories added to the bottom of it.

[[Category:Canon: Your Character's Canon|Last Name, First Name]]
[[Category:Characters|Last Name, First Name]]
[[Category:Current Characters|Last Name, First Name]]

Please replace You're Character's Canon, Last Name, and First name with the relevant information. For example:

[[Category:Canon: Rome|Agrippa, Marcus]]
[[Category:Characters|Agrippa, Marcus]]
[[Category:Current Characters|Agrippa, Marcus]]

Note: Sometimes, the Canon category comes up as a red link. In this case, there are no other characters from that canon. Go ahead and create the page and add a little information about it for those who might be unfamiliar with that particular world. Add the following code to the bottom, replacing the Canon Name with what Show/Movie/Book/Comic the character is from:

[[Category:Canons|Canon Name]]

Adding a New Player

Please add a player page to the wiki, as well. This provides other muns a quick way to locate your characters and contact information. Content is usually reserved for the individual player, however, there are a few things that are required:

Name or Nickname
Contact information (E-mail/IMs) or a link to the information
Characters currently played

Please make sure the information is easily locatable on your page and that the following category is listed at the bottom of the page.


User Pages and Redirects

Each wiki login comes with its own unique page and talk page. For ease of use, however, the convention is to use the Player page. To redirect the two pages, please use the following code:

#REDIRECT [[Page You Are Redirecting To]]

For example, if Reg wanted to redirect User:Regimus_prime to Reg, she would place the following code in the User:Regimus_prime page:


and the following code would be added to the User talk:Regimus_prime page:

#REDIRECT [[Talk:Reg]]