This is the page for Wendla Bergmann from Spring's Awakening, there be spoilers here.


Name: Wendla Bergmann
Age: 15
Canon: Spring's Awakening (Play)
Journal: pure in heart
Tag: wendla bergmann
Player: Cesca

No way to handle thingsEdit

Wendla is about 15 years old and the youngest daughter in a bourgeoisie German family. She has been kept in the dark about everything regarding sex by her mother, but she's starting to become more and more curious, until she finally asks her mother where babies come from. When she isn't given a satisfactory answer, she starts trying to find her own answers from other sources. One of those sources just happens to be Melchior Gabor, an old childhood friend that she hasn't seen much, since boys and girls attend seperate schools. They are instantly attracted to each other, and he sparks feelings in her that she never knew existed. Eventually, these feelings lead to a sexual rendezvouz in a hayloft, which leaves Melchior wanting more, and Wendla unknowingly pregnant. When her mother discovers it, she is determined to cover it up and save her reputation, so she sends Wendla to an underground abortionist.

Little miss didn't do rightEdit

Wendla is sweet and very innocent, but she has a streak of defiance and some dark undertones to her personality, underneath all that sweetness. She's fascinated with death, specifically her own, and her desire to experience real, intense emotions and sensations sometimes drive her to take drastic measures. She's very intelligent and compassionate, she's extremely curious about the world around her, but most of all, she's just a teenager discovering herself and coming into her own for the first time. She's still young and giggly, but she's strong and opinionated, too, and she's learning not to take things lying down, but to stand up for herself, and do what she wants to do, regardless of what she has been told is right or wrong.