Doctor Who Character
Arrival date: 10 November 2008
Age: 23
Birthdate: 12 October 1998
Occupation: Medic
OOC Information
Portrayed by: Philip Olivier
Journal: Just Hex
Tag: Hex
Player: Shan

Hex arrives from the end of the Big Finish Audio Live 34
You can hear what he sounds like in this clip from The Harvest.


A staff nurse working for St. Gart's Hospital in London in the year 2021, he met the Doctor and Ace while the two were investigating signs of alien activity at St. Gart's. Ace was going by her real name of McShane and working in Human Resources, striking up a conversation with Hex to gain information on the mysterious C-programme. When Hex gave Ace a ride to her "lodgings" in Shoreditch, he spied her going into a police box at Totter's Lane. Hammering on the door and demanding to know what was going on, Ace let him inside the TARDIS, and Hex's world was transformed forever.

Hex aided the Doctor (7th) and Ace in their investigations at St. Gart's, uncovering the latest invasion scheme of the Cybermen and helping the two time travellers defeat their old foes. At the adventure's conclusion, Hex asked if he could accompany them in their travels.

On one adventure (Live 34), Hex, posing as a paramedic, drives a reporter and her cameraman around as the Doctor and Ace (the Rebel Queen) take down a corrupt government that is using citizens as fuel for the power station. Between Hex, Ace, and the Doctor, the population is made aware of the conspiracy and they save the civilization. As the people riot, the trio slips off toward the TARDIS.


Hex is a very normal, everyday guy who got swept up into a world so fantastic he could only cope by focusing on the small things. Well, one small thing...a girl named Ace. He was painfully aware that his crush would never become anything, but she was interesting and exciting in a way he hadn't felt in years. His life before the Doctor was about as normal as any other citizen. He served in the military, driving an ambulance and learning trauma and triage. When his tour was done, he continued doing what he knew, taking a job as a nurse. All Hex wants to do is play fair, help out, then have enough time and cash to go get a pint, eat chips and gravy, and watch telly. He makes friends easily, is no stranger to hard work, and while he's now accustomed to the Doctor's tendency of going where there's trouble to remedy, Hex is most happy when it's all done and he can kick back.


  • Colony 34 standard paramedic uniform (reflective vest, jacket, trousers, hat, boots, socks)
  • T shirt
  • Fanny pack containing: hemostats, scissors, stethoscope, bandages, clamps, alcohol pads, iodine swabs, epipen)
  • Pen and paper
  • Penlight
  • Wristwatch