Basic coding

'''Bold text'''
''Italic text''
---- (Will create a horizontal line)


To link to a another page, you put the page title in double square brackets. So to link to the page "Example", you would type [[Example]].

If the page is on another wiki, you need to use an "interwiki link". For Wikipedia, this means putting "wikipedia:" before the name of the page. So to link to a page about Marcus Agrippa, you would type:

[[wikipedia:Marcus Agrippa (character of Rome)|Agrippa]]

The | separates the link from what the link is called, if you want to change the name. In this case, the link is 'wikipedia:Marcus Agrippa (character of Rome)', but 'Agrippa' is what appears as the link.

Table of Contents

These are created automatically for you after a certain number of headers. Each subject header is represented by equal signs surrounding it, beginning with two pairs for the top header and increasing the more detailed into the subject you go.

==Heading One==
===Heading Two===
====Heading Three====
=====Heading Four=====


You can use HTML tables on wikis, but it is highly recommended to use wikimarkup, as it is easier to read and use.

{| starts a table
|- starts a new row
| starts a new cell
|} ends a table


{| border="1"
| text1
| text2

will give you

text1 text2