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Moritz maybe

Name: Moritz Stiefel
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Canon: Spring's Awakening (Play)
Journal: not_gone
Tag: moritz stiefel
Player: Megan

Background Edit

The young Herr Stiefel is a boy who tries extremely hard to please. Being an only child, he tried to please his overbearing parents, but they were not enthused about his lack of intellect and charm with his peers. As a result of this, Moritz is a bit of a perfectionist. Moritz only has one very close friend, the charming and intelligent Melchior Gabor. Moritz is terrified about the changes in his body as he is a 15 year old boy. Melchior tutors Moritz in all the ways of life but his efforts are in vain. Moritz failed to secure a spot in the upper grade and his thoughts are still plagued by a woman in sky blue stockings, among other dreams. Moritz knew he would be disowned for failing, as that was not tolerated in the Stiefel household, so he tried to escape to America (with funds from Melchior's mother), but she was not agreeable. His only solution was to commit suicide, so he resolved to do so. Moritz retreated to the woods in the dead of night and consequently ran into another childhood friend, Ilse. She tries to seduce and distract him, but Moritz was dead set on ending his life.

Personality Edit

== Moritz is introverted and puts himself under pressure, feeling the constant need to please his parents. He is terrified of failure and is awkward around his peers, which goes noticed. He is outcast in a way by both his classmates and his parents; in the musical and play his best friend is Melchior Gabor. Martha finds him shy and sensitive in both the play and musical.

In the musical Moritz's hair reflects the inner conflict going on within him as the show progresses; his hair getting more wild as it goes on. He doesn't understand the changes going on with his body, and even as Melchior explains puberty and sex to him, he still finds it terrifying. He would like to have physical contact with a girl but he is too scared to try doing it instead of just thinking of it.

He strives to do well but is easily distracted.  He wants to do well and feels he will not become anything of worth unless he does well in school.  When he is failed from passing to the next grade, he cannot handle the defeat handed to him, and shoots himself.

If there were a metaphor to describe Moritz, it would probably be a livewire.  He's sporadic in his emotions, with sudden outbursts of his feelings, which build inwardly until he's unable to contain it.


The Things He Carried Edit

Inventory Upon Arrival

School boy Uniform consisting of:
~Button Down Undershirt
~Ill-fitting Socks


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