Rome Character
Marcus Agrippa
Arrival date:
Age: 25 (Modern age: 20)
Birthdate: 34 BC
Occupation: Caesar's General
OOC Information
Portrayed by: Allen Leech
Journal: Samwise Agrippa
Tag: Agrippa's Tag
Player: Zan

Not a drop of good bloodEdit

Born from a nobody who was born from a slave, Agrippa grew up with relatively high society, namely his friend Octavian. Over the years, that relationship turned into something that was closer to a man following his lord. Agrippa was the general who went out to fight the battles. He was the one trusted to bring back letters to Octavian’s family. He was Octavian’s right-hand man.

But he had a problem.

He’d fallen in love with Octavian’s sister, Octavia. Worse than that, she eventually fell in love with him. Their passions ruled them until Octavian found out and Agrippa was left with a choice that wasn’t a choice at all. Reject Octavian and perhaps be exiled as Antony had or worse, or reject Octavia.

To him, it was no choice at all.

When he went to tell Octavia that he’d chosen her brother, she pushed him away, calling him a coward, and left him with one final blow.

She was pregnant.

Every legal and moral rightEdit

Agrippa is a man ruled by caution. Where others would choose to stay and have a little fun at an orgy, he thinks only of his new reputation and what it would mean to others if he disgraced himself. At the same time, however, he’s not ruled by that caution. He has led men in battle, engaged in the battle himself, and brought victory for himself and Caesar.

When he lets go of that careful control, he’s a man of passions. Love, lust, war. When he lets himself partake, he drowns himself in them. But there is one tie that holds everything in check. One tie for which he would defy even love.


He has ever been loyal to Gaius Octavian Caesar and always will be. Not even the depths of passion and love for Octavia could sway his allegiance to her brother.

Not even the babe that could be his.


Caligae, cloak, loincloth, tunic, sword