Luke Snyder from As The World Turns as played by Aimee.

As The World Turns Character
Luke Synder
Arrival date: December 2, 2008
Age: 18
Birthdate: May 15, 1990
Occupation: Expelled Student / Writer
OOC Information
Portrayed by: Van Hansis
Journal: Luciano = Luke
Tag: Luke Snyder
Player: Aimee


Luke Snyder is a native of Oakdale, Illinois where he resides at the Snyder farm. Luke has already gone through more than most eighteen year olds. Not too long ago, his tumultuous family history, including confessing to a murder that he did not commit, led him to alcoholism. That addiction took him to the hospital to receive a new kidney. If that wasn't enough, he also came out to his parents, Lily and Holden, and Kevin, his now former best friend.

Interning for WOAK, he met his boyfriend Noah Mayer whose father tried to kill Luke, leaving him temporarily paralyzed. Through Noah's encouragement and Luke's own self-determination, he was able to walk again.

He was recently elected his school's class president but won the election by cheating. The Dean discovered the truth from Luke's boyfriend Noah and expelled Luke from the school. This election came between Luke and Noah's relationship and they are now on a break.

Before the election, he received a letter from his birth father entitling him to some money. Luke founded an organization which is run by Brian Wheatley. Brian quickly took an interest in Luke's grandmother Lucinda and after her surgery, he proposed and they married. That same day, Brian brought Luke back to the farm where a drunken Luke confided in him. Brian comforted Luke and kissed him. Thanksgiving day, Noah comes to the farm to celebrate with the Snyders and Brian celebrates with his new family. Luke drinks, is briefly comforted by Noah's presence, but threatens to tell everyone about what Brian had done to him.

New SurroundingsEdit

Luke enters Canyon Ridge shortly after the confrontation with Brian, leaving him even more confused by his new surroundings and still battling with the drunken haze that has come over him.


Luke is very passionate, kind-hearted, honest, loyal, observational, and creative. But Luke can also be irrational, moody, sarcastic, and pessimistic depending on the situation. Don't let it put you off. Luke is a good man at heart.


• (1) Long-sleeved green t-shirt
• (1) Black short-sleeved shirt
• (1) Blue jeans
• (1) White socks
• (1) Sneakers
• (1) Blue coffee mug