Name: Lucy
Nickname: "Sketch"
Age: 17
Canon: Skins
Journal: icanmakebelieve
Tag: sketch
Player: Andie


At a first glance, Sketch is a mild-mannered, terribly shy, soft-spoken girl. She seems quite sweet and vulnerable because of her wide eyes and small stature. Due to her mother’s condition, she spends most of her time at home, rushing there immediately after school. Because of this, she rarely interacts with people and does not understand how they work, unable to relate to them. She is clever and can easily manipulate people to get what she wants, not caring what she does to others. Belonging isn’t a priority to Sketch, just getting to Maxxie. She will even bind her chest down in hopes that Maxxie will overlook his homosexuality and fall in love with her. On top of everything else, Sketch has very low self-esteem and sees Maxxie as a way to improving her life because he is exciting and carefree.


Sketch has lived most of her life caring for her mother, who has multiple sclerosis. She isolates herself from her peers, though she blames her mother for keeping her from going out. She lives across from a boy named Maxxie, who she secretly photographs- his photos line her bedroom walls. Sketch is infatuated with him, bordering on obsession. She is convinced she loves him and tells her mother they are dating. While Maxxie is the lead in a play, Sketch is the lighting technician. After getting rejected by Maxxie (he asked her if she wanted to have sex with his straight friend), she sneaks into his room, going through his things and putting on his clothes… among other things. He comes back earlier than she expected and she hides under his bed, spending the night there.

Inventory Upon ArrivalEdit

+ A pink man’s shirt
+ Striped boxer-briefs
+ Girl underwear
+ Striped ankle-socks
+ Long bandage
+ Canvas shoes
+ A Hannibal Lecter costume
+ A tote bag:
+ Blouse
+ Skinny jeans