Canon Leaving Point: End of Season 2

Doctor Who/Torchwood Character
Jack Harkness
Arrival date:
Age: Really Fucking Old
Birthdate: Sometime in the 51st Century
Occupation: Head of Torchwood Three
OOC Information
Portrayed by: John Barrowman
Journal: Not Picky
Tag: jack harkness
Player: Frost

Inventory Edit

  • One crisp light blue button down shirt
  • One pair suspenders, red
  • One undershirt, white
  • One pair slacks, grey-blue
  • One belt, light brown
  • One pair socks, black
  • One pair boxers, blue
  • One pair shoes, dark brown doc martens
  • One long military style jacket, navy
  • One handgun, six bullets in gun, 6 more in pocket.
  • One wrist strap meant to allow time travel and command some machinery. Useless.
  • One pack wrigley's double (the fun) mint gum. Two used wrappers.
  • Wallet containing:
    • The best fake id that Torchwood can make.
    • Wrinkled and worn photo of Estelle
    • 72 pounds and some pocket change
    • One random soldier's phone number
    • Three condoms
  • One small tube lube
  • One cell phone with blue tooth attachment
  • One pair sunglasses