This is the page for Ilse Neumann from Spring's Awakening, there be spoilers here.

Name: Ilse Neumann
Age: 15
Occupation: Artist's Model
Canon: Spring's Awakening (Play)
Journal: goodnightilse
Tag: ilse neumann
Player: Andie


Ilse is a girl who follows no rules. She’s affectionate and fantastically eccentric, an artistic soul who loves people and loves attention. She is curious about the world and can be very blunt, unafraid to ask embarrassing questions and speak her mind about any subject at all. A very pretty girl, she looks a little older for her age and matured faster than her friends; she sometimes uses this to her favor, but being manipulative isn’t in her nature. Ilse is incredibly flighty and has trouble maintaining her focus on things, often drifting off into her own fantasy world. She always makes it a point to stop and smell the flowers—and probably frolic through them as well. After losing her innocence so early in life, Ilse, though not clinging to the past, finds beauty in everything, even going so far as convincing herself that the world around her is perfect. Mortiz’s death, however, was a bit of a wake up call for her.


Ilse hails from 1890’s Germany, from a small town where anyone knows everyone’s business. She spent most of her days playing pirates with her friends, especially Moritz, Wendla, and Melchior. At age fourteen, bored and tired with her life in that small town, she ran away from home. Ilse took shelter with various artists in Priapia; the artists’ colony. She worked mostly as an artist model and occasionally a prostitute. On one of her rare visits home, she encountered her old friend Moritz, a reminder of how the way things used to be. She offered to play the games they used to, but he refused; after running away, frustrated, she heard the gunshot. She was the first to discover his dead body and took the gun for herself. After his funeral, she took to wandering again, feeling more lost than before. Eventually, she returned to her artists, though her world was no longer rose-colored.

Inventory Upon ArrivalEdit

+ A floral-printed frock with paint stains + A set of Victorian undergarments for young ladies + A pair of sky blue stockings + A worn leather satchel filled with: + A green frock + A pair of black stockings + Moritz’s gun + A compact with mirror and blush + Lipstick