Torchwood Character
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Gwen Cooper-Williams
Arrival date: 20 November 2008
Age: 30
Birthdate: 30 June 1978
Occupation: Special Ops
OOC Information
Portrayed by: Eve Myles
Journal: Gwen Cooper
Tag: Gwen
Player: Shan


Gwen comes from an old Cardiff family. She was always the girl-next-door. Attractive but not too pretty, smart but not too much so. She was capable at anything she did, but never really excelled...and that was okay. Until she met Jack Harkness and came into Torchwood. Since then, she has brought heart to an organization that otherwise disregarded the human element of what they did. She introduced compassion, empathy, and strength because of her natural tendencies. In Torchwood, Gwen found her place.

She's also done things she wouldn't have ever done before. She's given the man she loves an amnesia pill, she's been shot, she's made hard decisions in leadership. She's tried to balance her everyday life with her husband with the demands of her job, which she truly believes in. She believes that Torchwood can help the world and it's a world she has come to understand is small in the universal scheme of things and desperately needs the sort of strength, compassion, and attention she can give.

She's recently lost two team members and barely recovering from that, the Daleks stole the Earth and tried to kill everyone. Once they had that sorted, Jack announced they'd be going to Switzerland to help out Martha Jones.

Gwen comes from just after the Big Bang Day Audioplay Lost Souls (which is approved canon in continuity).


Gwen cares. Sometimes she cares too much and it gets her into trouble. Sometimes, especially after Jack left and returned, she had a bit of trouble caring about the 'right' things. She used to care about victims or the weak. Now she cares about her team and her husband. It's painfully apparent that she cares about Torchwood more than Rhys, but that's the nature of the job.

Gwen loves. She loves Jack Harkness in ways she can't even define. However, she knows what it isn't. She loves Rhys in the way that is normal, honest, pure, true, and lasting. She loves Jack in the way that will insure that she will never, ever tire of following him. She would lay down her life...even knowing his is infinite.

Gwen supports. It was her job as a police constable, it was what she learned to do early on. Support the victim, support the police. She lifts everyone up, gives them a boost in moral, lightens their spirits if possible and carries the burden when she has to. She's not a strong woman and often bearing such burdens brings her to tears, but she always, always carries on.

Inventory Upon Arrival:Edit

  • Jeans
  • Red shirt with a white cross
  • Black leather jacket
  • bra/panties/socks/boots
  • Fifty euro
  • Mobile
  • Torchwood requisite 9mm
  • Shoulder holster
  • Necklace
  • Wedding ring