For Bugly, who plays Bart Allen.

Who she isEdit

Bugly is a 27-year-old Arizona native with who lives with her parents and Zan. She likes comics, reading, video games, reading, rpgs, oh, and did I mention reading? She also seems to enjoy talking about herself in the third person. Her lone pup is the boy formerly known as Impulse, although others may be in the wings. Someday.

Contact InfoEdit

AIM: bugly42

LJ: bugly42 (sensing a trend?) (almost never used)

E-Mail: (didn't pick this one)

E-Mail and AIM are most reliable, and I will try to get back to you ASAP. Threads and plot ideas always welcome. Also completely random things. Within reason. If you send me a link and don't tell me what it is and it isn't obvious, I don't click. Pretty much ever.