Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 14
Canon: Alice in Wonderland
Journal: allisnonsense
Tag: alice liddell
Player: Andie


Alice is rather ladylike with a burning curiosity about the world- this, of course, occasionally leads to trouble. She is imaginative and intelligent, though she has learned through the years not to brag terribly about how much she knows. She has a warm heart, always gentle and slow to anger, though she is always taken aback whenever someone is rude and obnoxious.
She accepts beings (human or otherwise) as they are, treating everyone on an equal basis. It still frustrates her that she cannot possibly please everyone and occasionally says the wrong things. Though at the tender age of fourteen, she still accepts the most wildly impossible events that can happen; however, she cannot help but briefly (barely) question them. Alice continues to dream, envisioning vividly of the most fantastical things. Her sister still believes that Alice will never lose her childlike wonder.


Once upon a time, a young girl, around the age of seven, named Alice Liddell fell asleep while chatting and having tea with her sister. Instead of simply dreaming, she entered a world called Wonderland. It was a deeply mesmerizing world and Alice began to explore. She met an array of beings that baffled and entertained and offended her. And then Alice woke up.
For the next seven years of her life, Alice continued to dream, but never imagined anything nearly as odd as Wonderland. She soon began writing these dreams in a notebook, regardless of how her governess would scold her for writing nonsense instead of her daily lessons. She toys with the idea of becoming a writer, though her mother will not approve. Alice enters the game on a normal day, falling asleep (she does that quite often!) on her penmanship exercises.

Inventory Upon ArrivalEdit

+ One blue dress + One white pinafore + One set of underskirts + One set of bloomers and chemise + One pair of black Mary Jane shoes + One woven basket + One notebook and pen + Her kitty, Dinah